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TRAFFIC Bulletin the only journal dedicated exclusively to wildlife trade issues

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The TRAFFIC Bulletin

The TRAFFIC Bulletin is the only journal devoted exclusively to wildlife trade issues.

It provides the latest news on key wildlife trade issues and features original papers by experts in their fields as well as reporting on a selection of significant seizures from across the world. The journal is available free of charge to all. You can subscribe to the mailing list below to receive a digital copy as soon as the latest edition is published or peruse the catalogue of recent editions online right now. 

We are not currently accepting submissions while we review and update the format of the journal.

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Seizures and prosecutions

The cases reported in this document, extracted from the TRAFFIC Bulletin, represent a selection of seizures and prosecutions that have taken place around the world between March 1997 and October 2018.

The sources of this information are cited at the end of each country section. The CITES Appendix-listing for each species is placed in parentheses, where appropriate.

seizures and prosecutions

Rick Scobey, Executive Director

The Bulletin has remained at the forefront of analysing, reporting, and discussing key wildlife trade and sustainable development issues from across the globe

Rick Scobey, Executive Director

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