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your support helps end wildlife trafficking and ensure sustainable wildlife trade benefits both people and planet

© Antonio Busiello/WWF-US


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Donate to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals no longer threatens the survival of species.

Your donation could strengthen actions to shut down illegal wildlife trade, and ensure the legal trade in wildlife - such as fish, timber, and herbal plants - is sustainable.

It could help communities benefit from the sustainable trade in forest products, and motivate consumers to make choices that do not threaten wildlife.

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Denis, Mahonghol, Director - Central Africa

Your generous support helps protect wildlife, promote sustainability and bring about change where it is most needed.

Denis, Mahonghol, Director - Central Africa

be a part of success stories like these

Ivory ban in mainland China

TRAFFIC’s regional office in China made an invaluable contribution to the Chinese government's decision to ban the domestic ivory market in China.

Since this groundbreaking decision we have seen the price of ivory in mainland China plummet. Although there are many questions that still need answering, the future for African Elephants looks brighter than it has done for a long time.

Global Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online

As technologies advance, so too do the ways in which traffickers will buy and sell illegal wildlife products.

TRAFFIC and key partners have brought together some of the world's biggest tech giants to join the fight against illegal wildlife trade online. The Global Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online includes companies like Google, eBay and Tencent, working together to make the internet's biggest platforms inaccessible for illegal wildlife trade.

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