Các ấn phẩm truyền thông khác Các báo cáo từ trước năm 2007, tờ thông tin về loài, bản tin cũ và các tư liệu khác

Các ấn phẩm truyền thông khác

Hệ thống lưu trữ của chúng tôi có một số ấn phẩm truyền thông và báo cáo từ trước năm 2007, cũng như các tờ thông tin, bản tin và tư liệu trước đây. Bạn có thể tìm thấy thông tin chi tiết và tải về tại đây:

(lưu ý rằng các ấn phẩm truyền thông của chúng tôi chỉ có thể được tìm kiếm bằng các từ khóa và thuật ngữ tìm kiếm bằng tiếng Anh hoặc thuật ngữ khoa học)

Conservation Implications of Allocation under the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

Published: 01 Tháng một 2006

A. Willock, A.I. Cartwright. (2006). 23pp. Published by: WWF Australia and TRAFFIC Oceania.

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Wildlife Trade in Central and Eastern Europe: A Review of CITES Implementation in 15 Countries

Published: 01 Tháng một 2006

Katalin Kecse-Nagy, Dorottya Papp, Amelie Knapp and Stephanie von Meibom. (2006). 126pp. ISBN 2 960050 53 3 (ISBN 978 2 960050 53 0). Published by: TRAFFIC Europe–Central Eastern Project Office. This report presents an overview of wildlife-trade related issues in Central and Eastern Europe, including an analysis of the region’s role in global trade in wild animals and plants with a particular focus on species groups that are native to the region and listed in the Appendices of CITES.

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Enforcement of Wildlife Trade Controls in EU Member States: Country Profiles

Published: 01 Tháng một 2006

Edited by: Rob Parry-Jones, Amelie Knapp. (2006). 140pp. 25–27 October 2005, Latimer Conference Centre, Buckinghamshire, UK. Compiled by: TRAFFIC on behalf of Defra for the EU Wildlife Trade Enforcement Co-ordination Workshop.

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Proceedings of the International Expert Workshop on Wildlife Detector Dogs

Published: 01 Tháng một 2006

Edited by: Birgit Felgentreu. (2006). 19pp. Workshop 2-5 March 2006, Bad Schandau, Germany. Published by: WWF Germany and TRAFFIC Europe.

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Wildlife trade law: A UK enforcer's factfile

Published: 01 Tháng một 2006

Stephanie Pendry, Carol Inskipp and Crawford Allan (2006) 151pp. TRAFFIC International, Cambridge, UK. This factfile is intended mainly for police and Customs officers in the UK and provides an overview of the trade in those species protected under the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Implementation of Article 16, Council Regulation (EC) No.338/97, in the 25 Member States of the European Union

Published: 01 Tháng một 2006

Tobias Garstecki. (2006). 44pp. Prepared by: TRAFFIC Europe for the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

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Rhino Horn Stockpile Management: Minimum standards and best practices from east and southern Africa

Published: 11 Tháng mười 2005

This document presents recommended practices for rhino horn stockpile management and is based upon best examples of management currently employed throughout East and Southern Africa. 

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Proceedings of the EU Wildlife Trade Enforcement Co-ordination Workshop

Published: 01 Tháng mười 2005

Edited by: R. Parry-Jones, J. Barnaby, S. Theile. (October 2005). 84pp. Workshop, 25 - 27 October 2005, Buckinghamshire, UK. Published by: Defra and TRAFFIC International

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Sport Hunting in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region: An Overview

Published: 01 Tháng mười 2005

Rob Barnett & Claire Patterson. (October 2006). 115pp. ISBN 0 98025 420 5 (ISBN 978 0 98025 420 4)TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa was contracted under the USAID-funded Network and Capacity Building Programme (NETCAB) to conduct an overview assessment of the sport hunting industry in the SADC region. The project aimed to document and assess the experiences of various countries with a view towards developing generic 'best practice' guidelines

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Bear Gall Bladder Trade in Japan

Published: 04 Tháng tám 2005

The current research project was conducted by TRAFFIC between 1997 and 2000 with a primary focus on market surveys of bear gall in Japan. TRAFFIC East Asia-Japan analysed the various sources of bear gall as well as national laws related to bear conservation and trade management.

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