Additional publications pre-2007 reports, species factsheets, legacy newsletters, and additional materials

Additional publications

Our archive section includes a number of pre-2007 publications and reports, as well as legacy factsheets, newsletters and informational materials. You can find details and download information for these below:

Turtle Trade in India: A study of freshwater turtles

Published: 1st October 1993

B.C. Choudhury, S. Bhupathy. (October 1993). 50pp.

download (2.3 MB pdf)

Bluefin Tuna. An Examination of the International Trade with an Emphasis on the Japanese Market

Published: 1st October 1993

Andrea L. Gaski (October 1993). 71pp. ISBN 1 85850 016 8 (ISBN 978 1 85850 016 4). An analysis of the data on catch figures for bluefin tuna and an examination of the trade in this fish for international markets.

download (3.6 MB pdf)

The Decline of the Black Rhino in Zimbabwe: Implications for Future Rhino Conservation

Published: 7th June 1993

An evaluation of Zimbabwe's Black Rhino conservation strategy in the face of continuous poaching and illegal trade in rhino horn, and an assessment of future options for rhino conservation. Species in Danger series.

download (3.1 MB pdf)

Medicinal Plants and Plant Extracts: A Review of their Importation into Europe

Published: 1st May 1993

Anna Lewington (Scanned PDF, 2 MB) (May 1993). 37pp. ISBN 0 94761 399 4 (ISBN 978 0 94761 399 0). An overview of the pharmaceutical trade in wild plant material and recommendations for future conservation action.

download (1.8 MB pdf)

The Wild Plant Trade in Europe

Published: 1st January 1993

compiled by Martin Jenkins (1993) 67pp. TRAFFIC Europe

download (2.7 MB pdf)

The Gardener's Guide to Plant Conservation

Published: 1st January 1993

 Nina T. Marshall. (1993). 187pp. No PDF available. Contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

Sustainable Use of Wildlife: Views and Perspectives

Published: 1st January 1993

(1993). 86pp. No PDF available: contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

Trånsito de Comércio Ilegal de Animais Silvestres no Brasil

Published: 1st January 1993

(1993) Italo Pompeo Sergio Mazzarella (English summary). 

download (584 KB pdf)

Guidance on the accession of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to CITES

Published: 1st January 1993

(November 1993). 47pp. Published by: TRAFFIC Southeast Asia and CRES. No PDF available: contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

Problems with the implementation of CITES Article IV in Southeast Asia

Published: 1st January 1993

(1993) TRAFFIC Southeast Asia

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