Additional publications pre-2007 reports, species factsheets, legacy newsletters, and additional materials

Additional publications

Our archive section includes a number of pre-2007 publications and reports, as well as legacy factsheets, newsletters and informational materials. You can find details and download information for these below:

Proceedings of the Seminar on International Trade in Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora 1995 (English and Korean edition)

Published: 1st January 1995

A seminar organized by TRAFFIC East Asia with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea. 9 March 1995, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Published by: TRAFFIC East Asia. No PDF available: contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

Ornamental fish trade in the Netherlands

Published: 1st January 1995

(1995) Tonnie Woeltjes

download (4.3 MB pdf)

Annotated List of Ornamental Fish Species to be Found in Trade in the Netherlands 1992-1994

Published: 1st January 1995

Tonnie Woeltjes. No PDF available: contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

Four Years After the CITES Ban: Illegal Killing of Elephants, Ivory Trade and Stockpile

Published: 1st January 1995

H.T. Dublin, T. Milliken, R.F.W. Barnes. January 1995. 110pp Published by: IUCN/SSC African Elephant Specialist Group.No PDF available: contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

The implementation and enforcement of CITES in the European Union

Published: 1st January 1995

Elizabeth H. Fleming. (January 1995) (updated). 31pp.

download (1.7 MB pdf)

Hard times for hardwood: Indigenous timber and the timber trade in Kenya

Published: 1st August 1994

Nina T. Marshall, Martin Jenkins (August 1994). 53pp. ISBN 1 85850 048 6 (ISBN 978 1 85850 048 5)This report documents the extent of the Kenyan trade in hardwoods and suggests solutions of international relevance in recommending the identification of alternative timber sources and development of sustainable supplies. Species in Danger report.

download (2.8 MB pdf)

CITES and Trees. The Facts and the Fiction

Published: 1st August 1994

Debra Callister, Steven Broad. (1994). Prepared on behalf of WWF UK Fighting for Nature

download (1.5 MB pdf)

Trade in Agarwood

Published: 1st August 1994

Kalyan Chakrabarty, Ashok Kumar, Vivek Menon. (August 1994). 51pp.

download (1.6 MB pdf)

Wildlife Trade: A handbook for enforcement staff

Published: 1st August 1994

Vivek Menon, Raj Panjwani, Pranav Capila, Aarti Sharma, Madhumita Ghosh. (August 1994). 42pp.

download (5.1 MB pdf)

International Trade in Reptile Skins: A Review and Analysis of the Main Consumer Markets, 1983-1991

Published: 1st August 1994

Martin Jenkins, Steven Broad. August 1994. 68pp. ISBN 1 85850 047 8 (ISBN 978 1 85850 047 8). This report describes and evaluates the international trade in reptile skins. A review of the main taxa in trade is followed by an analysis of the main consumer markets, the problem of illegal trade, and a discussion of the conservation implications and future of the trade.

download (4.8 MB pdf)