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Additional publications pre-2007 reports, species factsheets, legacy newsletters, and additional materials

Additional publications

Our archive section includes a number of pre-2007 publications and reports, as well as legacy factsheets, newsletters and informational materials. You can find details and download information for these below:

Guide to the identification of precious and semi-precious corals in commercial trade

Published: 4th January 2011

This identification guide is aimed at enforcement officers (e.g. Wildlife Inspectors, Customs Inspectors, etc.) who are responsible for implementing regulations on the international trade in precious corals—primarily, but not exclusively CITES. In addition, the guide will be valuable to fisheries managers and scientists who are involved with conservation of coral resources.

download (6.5 MB pdf)

TRAFFIC Post, India Office Newsletter

Published: 1st October 2010

Combined issues 1-10 (September 2007 - October 2010)

download (8.0 MB pdf)

Towards a sustainable livelihood with wild medicinal resources

Published: 14th June 2010

Economic aspects of harvesting and trading the Chinese Caterpillar Fungus Cordyceps sinensis and Southern Schisandra Schisandra sphenanthera in China’s Upper Yangtze Ecoregion (PDF, 300 KB). A TRAFFIC briefing paper

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Elaboration de la Strategie et du Plan D’action National Sur La « Viande De Brousse »

Published: 23rd September 2009

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CITES in Southeast Asia Watch E-Bulletin

Published: 1st January 2009

Combined issues 18-21

Number 21 (January 2009)
Number 20 (October 2008)
Number 19 (May 2008)
Number 18 (August 2007)

download (540 KB pdf)

infoTRAFFIC (French newsletter)

Published: 1st December 2008

Combined issues July 2000-December 2008

Number 9 (December 2008)
Number 8 (December 2007) 
Number 7 (April 2007)
Number 6 (September 2006)
Number 5 (March 2006)
Number 4 (September 2004)
Number 3 (December 2003)
Number 2 (June 2002)
Number 1 (July 2000)

download (4.6 MB pdf)

Proceedings of the workshop on trade and conservation of pangolins native to South and Southeast Asia

Published: 30th June 2008

30 June - 2 July 2008, Singapore Zoo, Singapore

download (2.8 MB pdf)

Caviar Report to the European Commission

Published: 1st January 2008

Part I. Engler, M & Knapp, A. (2008). Briefing On the Evolution of the Caviar Trade and Range State Implementation of Resolution Conf. 12.7 (Rev. Cop 14) . A TRAFFIC Europe Report for the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.      

Part II. UNEP-WCMC (2008). Analysis of EC Trade in Caviar by Species and Tracking of Caviar Permits within the UNEP-WCMC Caviar Database. A Report to the European Commission. UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge.

download (2.7 MB pdf)

The Case for a Catch Documentation Scheme in the Western and Central Pacific

Published: 1st January 2008

Mary Lack (2008) 19pp. The Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) has been discussing the introduction of a documentation scheme for Bigeye Tuna Thunnus obesus since 2005. Since then the views of members have polarized around whether the documentation scheme should apply to all fish caught and traded (a CDS) or only to traded product (a TDS). Published by: WWF South Pacific Programme and TRAFFIC International.

download (1.5 MB pdf)

A Review of the European Union’s Import Policies for Hunting Trophies

Published: 1st December 2007

Amelie Knapp. (December 2007). 78pp. ISBN 978 2 930490 02 1. This report aims to provide an assessment of the EU’s trade in hunting trophies, noting trends, quantity, origin and destination of trophies imported into the EU through analysis of CITES trade data for the years 2000 to 2004. Published by: TRAFFIC Europe.

download (2.8 MB pdf)