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Additional publications pre-2007 reports, species factsheets, legacy newsletters, and additional materials

Additional publications

Our archive section includes a number of pre-2007 publications and reports, as well as legacy factsheets, newsletters and informational materials. You can find details and download information for these below:

Conservation and Sustainable Use of China's Medicinal Species

Published: 1st January 2004

Edited by: Xu Hongfa, Jiang Zhigang. (2004). 179pp. (Chinese edition).

Fiji's Non-Detriment Finding Methodology for Extraction of and Trade in Marine Aquarium Species: An Adaptive Management Strategy

Published: 1st January 2004

(2004) TRAFFIC Oceania South Pacific Programme and Department of Environment

download (3.3 MB pdf)

More Ivory than Elephants: Domestic Ivory Markets in Three West African Countries

Published: 30th December 2003

Surveys of African ivory markets in 1999 identified Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Dakar (Senegal) and Lagos (Nigeria) as the most significant ivory carving centres in West Africa (Martin and Stiles, 2000). This report serves to update the situation in these three countries and to assess whether or not any progress has been made in establishing effective control of their domestic ivory markets.

download (889 KB pdf)

ETIS Training Manual

Published: 1st December 2003

Edited by: Meng Xianlin, Wan Ziming Yu, Dawei Zhong Hai. December 2003. 147pp. Published by: CITES Management Authority of the People’s Republic of China, TRAFFIC East Asia. No PDF available: contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content. for more details

Monkfish: Lophius americanus

Published: 1st November 2003

(November 2003).

download (2.8 MB pdf)

The Ivory Markets of East Asia

Published: 21st October 2003

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Fading Footprints: The Killing and Trade of Snow Leopards

Published: 15th October 2003

Snow Leopards, in a genus of their own, are endangered big cats. Surveys of trade in Snow Leopards were conducted in Mongolia and Pakistan, and information was collected by consultants in India and the Russian Federation during 2002. The results clearly show that Snow Leopards and their parts are traded in all range States, with the possible exception of Bhutan. In the large majority of cases, this trade is illegal.

download (1.3 MB pdf)

Chinese Medicinal Wildlife Resources Conservation and Sustainable Use

Published: 1st October 2003

 Edited by: Xu Hongfa, TRAFFIC East Asia & Jiang Zhigang, Chinese Academy of Sciences. (October 2003). 179pp. Published by: East China Normal University Publishing House.

Regional Fisheries Organizations and the World Trade Organization: Compatibility or Conflict?

Published: 1st September 2003

Richard G. Tarasofsky. (September 2003). 36pp. ISBN 1 85850 202 0 (ISBN 978 1 85850 202 1). This report assesses the RFO/WTO relationship by identifying the types of trade measures used or potentially used by RFOs and assessing the potential for conflict between RFOs and WTO rules.

download (858 KB pdf)

A Survey of the Rhinoceros Beetle and Stag Beetle Market in Japan

Published: 3rd June 2003

This report examines the market for exotic species and the establishment of new breeding techniques that has led to the growth in the number of breeders. Published by: TRAFFIC East Asia - Japan.

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