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the global ivory trade our views on the key issues

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ivory: our perspective and priorities

The global ivory trade and the African elephant poaching crisis have remained a key wildlife conservation issue for decades.

A phenomenal degree of attention, resources, and sacrifice has been made by NGOs, rangers and individuals the world over to help stem the flow of illegal ivory and protect Africa’s threatened elephant populations. The drivers and facilitators of illegal ivory trade are shifting and complex, and various strategies and policies have been both suggested or implemented as a result. Below are our perspectives on key issues surrounding ivory trade.

key issues:

domestic bans,
ivory destruction,
African processing,
behavioural change

Tom Miliken, Elephant and Rhino Programme Leader

TRAFFIC has been a leading voice on ivory trade matters for more than three decades, helping to shape global policy decisions where they matter most

Tom Miliken, Elephant and Rhino Programme Leader

how we reach our policy position on ivory