Wildlife TRAPS Wildlife Trafficking, Response, Assessment and Priority Setting


In 2020, the Wildlife TRAPS Project - a long-running partnership funded by USAID and implemented by TRAFFIC in collaboration with IUCN – shifted direction while continuing to pursue innovation and non-traditional partnerships to reduce illegal, unsustainable, and unsafe wildlife trade.

In this new phase, Wildlife TRAPS is building on strong collaborations already developed with key actors in the transport, finance, wildlife forensics, and behavioural change sectors to inform a more singular focus on reducing potential zoonotic disease risks associated with trade in wild animals.

protect wildlife
and people

from illegal and ill-managed wildlife trade

James Compton - Project Leader, Wildlife TRAPS

We’re working with wildlife, animal, and public health professionals, inter-governmental organisations, government departments, and private sector actors to improve the integration of One Health approaches into wildlife trade risk management. TRAFFIC is contributing specialised wildlife trade expertise to develop practical ways to reduce risks of zoonotic disease in tandem with ensuring wildlife trade complies with regulations and sustainability safeguards

James Compton - Project Leader, Wildlife TRAPS

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TRAFFIC's Wildlife TRAPS project is generously funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).