National policies and regulations


Improving effectiveness of national policies and regulations

Well-designed and effectively implemented national governance and enforcement frameworks create the enabling environment in countries to ensure legal and sustainable trade.

We provide research, data and analysis on trade in wild species at the country, landscape, and trade route levels. This includes trade and consumption trends, targeted species and countries, supply chain analysis, financial flows and criminal justice system responses, and socio-economic impacts. 

Our actions help assess the need to strengthen national legislation and regulation, and support capacity-building to effectively design and implement strong governance frameworks for legal and sustainable trade and combat illegal trade.

Support for implementation of governance frameworks include developing and rolling out training, tools and approaches for data analysis, sustainable supply chains, social and market research, detection and investigation, application of human rights in criminal justice, and sharing relevant and timely data across sectors and agencies. 

We expand and develop tools to support law enforcement and anti-corruption efforts, including species identification, technology-based detection tools, forensic applications, monitoring systems for specific commodities, and platforms and protocols for sourcing and sharing actionable information.

Strengthening the capacity of different agencies to take strategic law enforcement action and implement best practice, consistent with international human rights and ESG standards, is our goal.