Published 13 Tháng mười một 2012


Raise a glass to support rhino conservation

Update: TRAFFIC was very grateful for the first donations of R5,000 and R10,000, received from Rhino Wine SA in 2013—so keep raising those glasses and supporting TRAFFIC's conservation efforts in the region!

Cape Town, South Africa, 13th November 2012—Rhino Wine SA today launched a new range of wines, which aim to support conservation efforts to protect South Africa’s rhinos. 

Rhino poaching is currently at an all-time high, with South Africa, home to the world’s largest rhino populations particularly affected. 

For every bottle of wine purchased, R2.00 will be donated to TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, to support conservation work in southern Africa. 

“The philosophy behind the Rhino Wine SA brand is for consumers to gain awareness of the crisis facing rhinos, raise funds for TRAFFIC’s conservation efforts, while at the same time enjoying a glass of vino with a cause (responsibly, of course!),” said Charise Matthews for Rhino Wine SA.

The new wine range, produced and bottled by Excelsior Wine Estate, includes a Sauvignon Blanc and a blend of Shiraz/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Rhino Wine SA’s support is warmly welcomed by TRAFFIC for our efforts to help bring about an end to the poaching crisis facing the rhino, one of South Africa’s national icons,” said David Newton, Regional Director for TRAFFIC in East and Southern Africa.

Rhino poaching in South Africa has escalated in recent years. In 2007, 13 rhino were illegally killed in South Africa. But in 2012, according to official figures released by the South African National Parks Authority last month, by 30th October a total of 488 rhinos had been illegally killed, with 214 arrests for rhino-related crimes. 

Hardest hit has been world famous Kruger National Park, where 296 rhinos have been poached in 2012. High demand for rhino horn from Asia, in particular Viet Nam, is considered to be the driving force leading to the rhino poaching crisis. 

In August, TRAFFIC launched The South Africa – Vietnam Rhino Horn Trade Nexus: A deadly combination of institutional lapses, corrupt wildlife industry professionals and Asian crime syndicates,  a key report examining the nature of the illegal trade in rhino horn from South Africa to Vietnam.