Alliance members who participated in the training © TRAFFIC

Alliance members who participated in the training © TRAFFIC


Published 26 Tháng ba 2018


China-based internet alliance trained on combating wildlife cybercrime

Beijing, China, 26th March 2018—Representatives of the alliance of Chinese internet companies committed to combatting wildlife cybercrime were trained by experts in Beijing last week.

Hosted by Baidu, China’s leading internet search engine, and facilitated by TRAFFIC, the workshop brought together more than 30 internet security staff from Baidu, Tencent, 58, Baixing Wang, Wen Wan Tian Xia, Zhuan Zhuan, and Kuaishou.

Geng Yongping from China’s National Forest Police gave a comprehensive introduction on wildlife crime in China, including relevant laws and regulations, significant cases, wildlife crime development, and the challenges currently faced. 

Prof. Zhou Yongwu from Nanjing Forest Police College focused on identifying protected species and various wildlife commodities commonly found online.

As secretary of the alliance, TRAFFIC has developed a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for online companies to help them prevent their platforms from being abused by criminals and illegal traders.

TRAFFIC’s wildlife cybercrime project manager, Chen Jing, spoke about how to detect illegal wildlife trade information online through regular monitoring, sharing some effective methods of how best to co-operate with law enforcement agencies. 

Paticpants spoke highly of the training, emphasising its usefulness in their monitoring efforts. 

“This training increased our awareness of the issue. I was not aware that so many wildlife products are illegally traded, and how this threatens the survival of their wild populations,” one staff from Baidu said. 

It is important when internet (or other) companies pledge action to help stop illegal wildlife trade, but these pledges are ultimately only meaningful when backed up by practical action. Working with companies to design and implement such practical action is where TRAFFIC has a special role

Fei Zhou, Head of of TRAFFIC China Office

TRAFFIC will continue to support increased capacity of the internet company alliance’s members on dealing with illegal online wildlife trade. 

The workshop was supported by the UK Government through the Defra Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund.


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