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Complaints process

TRAFFIC International takes very seriously its responsibility to protect people, including our staff, volunteers, partners, consultants, contractors, trustees, and others affected by our work, from any harm that may result from coming into contact with our organisation.  Staff members have the obligation to protect and promote the organisation’s interests, and to act with due respect for other people. TRAFFIC is committed to protecting against retaliation staff or members of the public who report what they reasonably believe to be ethical misconduct.

To this end, TRAFFIC maintains an external complaints mechanism available to stakeholders and members of the public and encourages all to report in good faith suspicion of fraud, corruption, sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, or other suspected violations of professional conduct.  TRAFFIC is committed to addressing any legitimate complaints in a timely and effective way.

Anyone concerned about possible misconduct can contact TRAFFIC’s Accountability Officer through confidential reporting channels.  The Accountability Officer treats reported concerns with the utmost confidentiality, protecting the identity of whistle-blowers, conducting investigations into reported misconduct, reporting, and providing advice senior management.

How to contact TRAFFIC’s Accountability Officer

To contact our Accountability Officer, fill in the form below, or fill in the attached complaints form and mail it, either as a hard copy or an electronic copy, to:

Post:     The Accountability Officer
              TRAFFIC International
              David Attenborough Building
              Pembroke Street
              Cambridge CB2 3QZ


Alternatively, if you would prefer not to submit a completed form but would like to discuss your concerns with the Accountability Officer, please indicate that preference in an email to the above address, preferably with a general indication of the nature of the complaint, and we will make arrangements for a confidential telephone discussion with our Accountability Officer. 

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External Complaints Form