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Baobab trees, Madagascar © Martin Harvey / WWF

our accounts how much we receive and where we spend it

Baobab trees, Madagascar © Martin Harvey / WWF


our finances

During the year ended 30th June 2017, TRAFFIC International received income totalling £8.05m.  This was an increase of 66% from the previous year as we continue to increase the number of projects in our portfolio and the conservation impact we have.

Expenditure similarly increased to £7.07m as we implemented projects across the world. During the year only 2% of our income was spent on the cost of raising funds – 98% of our income is spent on our charitable objectives addressing wildlife crime and illegal trade, and promoting sustainable, legal wildlife trade.

over 97%

of our income is spent on charitable objectives

Emma Cooper, Senior Finance Manager

We ensure that the vast majority of the income we receive goes straight back into our invaluable conservation projects working across the world

Emma Cooper, Senior Finance Manager

our latest statement: 2017 expenditure

where our money comes from

In 2017, 55% of our income came via our strategic partners IUCN and WWF, as well as other TRAFFIC offices that were not part of the UK charity at that time.

Although the amount of income received directly from Governments in the year accounted for 33% of total income, the amount of income received where a Government Agency was the original donor increased to 66% of the total.  

where we spend our money

Over 97% of our expenditure during the year related to charitable activities, with only 3% relating to raising funds.  This means that the money we receive furthers our conservation goals as much as possible.

Our charitable expenditure is split into three categories. The largest is expenditure on those projects that address wildlife crime and illegal trade with 67% of our expenditure spent on this component. We also conduct projects that focus purely on sustainable legal trade; expenditure on this component made up 5% of our 2017 expenditure. The remainder of our charitable expenditure involved activities that incorporate both – addressing wildlife crime and illegal trade and promoting sustainable legal trade, representing 25% of our expenditure in 2017.

accounts and trustee's annual reports

Each year, in line with Charity and Company law, we produce an annual report which includes a full financial review as well as a retrospective look at the achievements of the year just past and identifies key areas of focus over the coming twelve months. Visit the Charity Commission website for more information. 

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