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FairWild Promoting sustainable harvesting, use and trade of wild plants

a fair deal for wild plants and harvesters

The FairWild Foundation was established in 2008 to promote the sustainable use of wild-collected plant ingredients in trade and ensure a fair deal for the communities who harvest them. TRAFFIC is one of its founding partners and continues to take an active role in its application and growth throughout the world.

The demand for wild plant ingredients is growing exponentially, posing major ecological and social challenges that often go unrecognised. Wild plant ingredients are an active, though sometimes hidden, aspect to everyday life for millions of us, whether in food and drink, traditional medicine, beauty and cosmetics or western pharmaceuticals. Such pressure on vulnerable plant species is putting ecosystems at risk, as well as the livelihoods of collectors, who often belong to the poorest social groups in the countries of origin.

1 in 5

of the world's plant species is threatened with extinction

Bryony Morgan, FairWild Secretariat

Wild plants play a huge role in our daily lives, yet they receive so little attention. FairWild is working to transform the market and ensure sustainable and ethical practices are used throughout their trade

Bryony Morgan, FairWild Secretariat

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The FairWild Standard is being implemented throughout the world, with certified consumer products sold across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

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Find out more about the FairWild Foundation, the FairWild Standard and how to join.

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