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CAFTA-DR Regional Gap Analysis Report

© Adrián Reuter / TRAFFIC


Published 01 Tháng một 2009

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CAFTA-DR Regional Gap Analysis Report

The trade in wild plants and animals is a complex and challenging issue, which many governments and organizations internationally have struggled with to reduce illegal and unsustainable elements. The countries that have signed the Central America - Dominican Republic – United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) are no exception to this challenge. There is a clear need to understand the drivers of illegal and unsustainable trade in wildlife to formulate approaches to improve the capacity of government authorities to enforce existing laws and regulations in a coordinated manner. Governments need to work with stakeholders to support management of wildlife and deter any illegal activities that are currently commonplace.

Wildlife Trade Control CAFTA-DR Regional Gap Analysis Report

Report author(s):
TRAFFIC, North America office

Publication date:
January 2009