Wildlife Money Trails

Published 12 Tháng sáu 2023


New Report To Help Tackle Financial Crime Linked To Wildlife Trafficking In Europe

A new TRAFFIC and WWF ‘Wildlife Money Trails’ report released today aims to help law enforcement authorities and financial institutions uncover financial crimes related to wildlife and timber trafficking in the EU. The report features 16 case studies amounting to 18 million euros of illicit profits.

Wildlife Money Trails Building Financial Investigations From Wildlife And Timber Trafficking Cases In The European Union

Report author(s):
Davyth Stewart, Christian Nellemann, Ben Brock, Emilie Van der Henst

Publication date:
June 2023


The report has been funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police. The content of this press release represents the views of the authors only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.