European Eel Anguilla anguilla © Erling Svensen / WWF

European Eel tradeunder the microscope

European Eel Anguilla anguilla © Erling Svensen / WWF


Published 01 Tháng sáu 2010


Trade in Anguilla species

Background—biology, production, trade and conservation: The family Anguillidae, commonly referred to as freshwater eels, contains 15 species, all in the genus Anguilla distributed throughout tropical and temperate waters, except for the eastern Pacific and south Atlantic (Silfvergrip, 2009). The various life stages, ranging from juvenile to adult, of all Anguilla species are harvested and traded on a global scale for consumption.

Trade in Anguilla species, with a focus on recent trade in European Eel A. anguilla

Report author(s):
V. Crook

Publication date:
June 2010