The Antarctic Toothfish is so valuable it is sometimes referred to as

Continuing CCAMLR’S fight against IUU fishing for toothfish

The Antarctic Toothfish is so valuable it is sometimes referred to as "White Gold"; better measures are needed to stop those catching toothfish illegally © Stuart Hanchet, NIWA, New Zealand


Published 05 Tháng mười một 2008


Illegal Toothfish still on the plate

WWF and TRAFFIC call for tougher measures against illegal fishing

Hobart, Australia, 5 November 2008--WWF and TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, are calling for enhanced monitoring measures and for trade sanctions to be imposed against countries continuing to undermine the conservation measures for toothfish.

Continuing CCAMLR’S Fight Against IUU Fishing For Toothfish

Report author(s):
M. Lack

Publication date:
November 2008


The Patagonian toothfish is commonly sold as: Merluza negra (Spain) Bacalao de profundidad (Spain and Chile) Chilean Sea Bass (US and Canada) Legine (France) Mero (Japan) Patagonian toothfish (UK) Butterfish (Mauritius)

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