Philippine pangolin Image: Emerson Sy

Wildlife Sentinel Award

Philippine pangolin Image: Emerson Sy


Published 19 Tháng ba 2024


New award recognises achievements in fighting wildlife crime in Philippines

Celebrating commitment and outstanding achievement in combating wildlife crime is the goal of a brand new commendation award launched in the Philippines today.

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Award Brochure

Wildlife Sentinel Award (WiSe)

The Wildlife Sentinel Award (WiSe) Philippines was initiated to honour and recognize the exemplary contributions of law enforcement officers and encourage continued progress and commitment along the five themes of the award: Innovation, Collaboration, Impact, Integrity, and Leadership.  

This is the first award of its kind in the Philippines, complementing existing internal awards within departments and the DENR-led Wildlife Law Enforcement Awarding Ceremony.

The Philippines is one of the world's most biodiverse countries with so many endemic species spread across thousands of islands. Fighting to keep them safe from poachers and traffickers is challenging to say the least and we wanted to recognize those who have gone above and beyond."

Serene Chng, TRAFFIC Senior Programme Officer

Nominations for WiSe are now being accepted until 30 June 2024 (for achievements accomplished in January to December 2023)

Applications are open to individuals, units and groups in investigation and law enforcement agencies and prosecution services dealing with wildlife crime in the Philippines. More details are available in the WiSe brochure.

Nominees will be short-listed and assessed by a selection panel before the winners are announced in an award ceremony.

TRAFFIC Southeast Asia Director, Kanitha Krishnasamy, introduced the award at the Opening Programme of the 4th National Wildlife Law Enforcement Summit, attended by wildlife law enforcement personnel from across the Philippines. The three-yearly review of the country’s Wildlife Law Enforcement Action Plan (WildLEAP) is also taking place during the Summit.

“We are delighted to announce this Award at this esteemed congregation of Philippine wildlife law enforcers. Many have years, even decades of experience, in overcoming complicated and sometimes dangerous situations, in the name of protecting our shared natural heritage. We want to spotlight their remarkable contributions, and hopefully also inspire others to join the fight against wildlife crime,” said Krishnasamy.

WiSe awardees will receive a bespoke medal and certificate eligible for promotional points.

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