Published 03 Tháng mười một 2017


Helmeted Hornbills, pangolins in Malaysia, online trade in the Philippines & more in the latest TRAFFIC Bulletin

Cambridge, UK, 3rd November 2017—the TRAFFIC Bulletin, published today, features the latest news on current wildlife trade “hot topics” written by leading conservationists and experts in their field.

Articles include an in-depth analysis of the illegal trade in the Helmeted Hornbill Rhinoplax vigil, a bird now scarce throughout its range in the rainforests of South-east Asia, largely owing to demand for the carvings made from its bill casque, which are prized commodities in some communities. Another paper focuses on the alarming increase in shipments of pangolin scales from Africa entering or transiting Malaysia for use in traditional Asian medicine. 

The positive benefits of legal, sustainable trade are highlighted in an article about Bac Kan Province, Viet Nam, where TRAFFIC is working to increase the capacity of collectors of wild medicinal and aromatic plants in the sustainable management of plant species by establishing collector groups and co-operatives that will help both to protect biodiversity and improve livelihoods. 

B)A snapshot of the online trade in birds and reptiles in the Philippines shows that, while the vast majority offered for sale are commonly bred in captivity, the demand in the international black market for Philippine endemic species is strong; the authors call for closer scrutiny and monitoring of online platforms, which present a growing threat to many vulnerable species. 

A study into the availability of ivory in major cities in Cambodia shows that demand, while relatively small, is persistent and largely driven by foreign buyers from China; a separate article highlights the role of Cambodia as a transit hub for shipments of ivory and other high-value wildlife products. 

Finally, an update on previous studies looking into the animal species available for sale in Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar, shows that protected wildlife continues to be openly displayed and available, including parts from threatened species such as elephants, leopards, serows and pangolins. 

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The TRAFFIC Bulletin is TRAFFIC’s flagship journal, published bi-annually, and providing news on the trade in wildlife resources, the latest in related legislation, investigations and seizures, and original reports.