Published 06 Tháng tám 2020

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First Group Standard for Online Platforms in China

Beijing, China, 6th August 2020—the Internet Society of China today launched a Group Standard setting out enforcement standards and reference specifications for Chinese Internet enterprises to combat illegal wildlife trade online. 

The Control of Illegal Wildlife Trade on Online Platforms Group Standard summarises how Tencent in particular and other Chinese companies have been able to implement measures to prevent and combat illegal wildlife trade. 

It will be used as a standard reference for online platforms to control such trade, promote co-operation with law enforcement agencies, and form a secure means to combat illegal activities. 

The Group Standard also establishes a co-operation platform between management authorities, the private sector, non-governmental organisations, wildlife protection experts, and the public.

As an important social platform in China, Tencent has made full use of the power of netizens. Through big data analysis, underlying technology, and a massive user base, a Tencent 110 applet has been created as a convenient system for users to report any suspicious wildlife-related activities. 

As part of promoting the protection and management of wildlife, there are ongoing prohibitions on the sale of wildlife and related products. We hope that Tencent can work with people from all walks of life to take advantage of the Internet to strengthen the public's awareness of wildlife protection, and ban illegal trade and consumption of wildlife across society.

Mr Cheng Gang, Vice General Manager of Tencent Customer Service and general leader of Tencent 110.

The Internet has reshaped legitimate trade and communications worldwide, but with it there has also been a shift of illegal wildlife trade from physical to online marketplaces. The Group Standard was formulated to help internet companies meet those new challenges. 

TRAFFIC, alongside WWF and IFAW,  provided technical support during compilation of the Group Standard, and joined the first environmental protection think-tank, the Natural Ecology Protection Advisory Group of Tencent for the Planet, which was founded by Tencent in December 2018.  

In March 2018, the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online was established in the USA with the participation of 12 China-based internet companies. The Coalition has subsequently taken various measures and actions to help combat illegal wildlife trading on the Internet.

“With the emergence of new businesses and models—such as e-commerce and social platforms—domestic Internet companies have become an important force in combating cybercrime.”

Today’s announcement is is a major step forward for wildlife protection in China and a positive manifestation of how co-operation across a business sector can help with implementation of commitments made under international conventions.”

Ling Xu, Director of TRAFFIC’s China office