Published 17 January 2013

  Tiếng Việt 

Win a trip to South Africa!

Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 17th January 2013—The Vietnamese government’s Centre for Scientific and Professional Studies and Archives, Central Committee for Communication and Education (CCCE) is hosting a writing competition in collaboration with TRAFFIC to raise awareness of nature’s heritage and the pressure it faces from threats such as the illegal wildlife trade.

The last Javan Rhino in Viet Nam © WWF

The competition is open to Vietnamese nationals, overseas Vietnamese and foreigners living in Viet Nam.

Entrants are asked to submit an original piece of work in either English or Vietnamese that seeks to bring awareness to or analyse the illegal trade and consumption of endangered wildlife, their parts and derivatives as well as how to protect the wildlife in Viet Nam.

Two lucky winners will receive a fully funded trip to South Africa to view wildlife in the country’s protected areas and learn more about South Africa’s measures to protect its biodiversity and combat the illegal wildlife trade. Currently rhino populations in South Africa are experiencing unprecedented levels of poaching to feed the demand for their horns in Viet Nam; a potent symbol of the impact demand in one country can lead to in another.

The winning entries will also be published in leading national Vietnamese publications.

For a full description of the rules and requirements of the competition and the different categories and mediums in which participants can provide submissions, please download the official guidelines below and visit the competition webpage.

Guidelines in English and Vietnamese.