Empowering Communities

The critical role of communities

Communities play a critical role in accelerating  the legal and sustainable harvest, use, management and trade in wild species.

They act also as a critical intervention point for preventing illegal wildlife commodities from entering the supply chain.

Our approach to empowering communities

Through building partnerships with community-based organisations, TRAFFIC  identifies priority interventions to foster rights-based approaches, inclusive  processes, and participatory multi-stakeholder engagement to deepen support for community-led resource management and sustainable supply chains.

Our focus is on communities that are vulnerable to policy changes related to wild species trade and who are economically, socially, and/or politically marginalised.

Our work supports the development of systems for improved access to resources by communities, and adapting and using existing tools, approaches, institutions, and systems to ensure fair and equitable benefit-sharing for legal and sustainable management of wild species. 

In line with the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework,  our work pays particular attention to gender equality, women’s empowerment, youth, and the full and effective participation of indigenous people and local communities.