Ivory ornaments on sale in Japan © TRAFFIC

Slow Progress a reassessment of Japan’s Ivory Market in 2018

Ivory ornaments on sale in Japan © TRAFFIC


Published 27 September 2018

Too few commitments and little progress in addressing Japan’s domestic ivory market

Tokyo, Japan, 27th September—60% of sellers in Japan’s domestic ivory market expressed a willingness to help customers illegally export their purchases, while at least one new store opened in 2018 in Tokyo’s tourist area selling newly manufactured ivory products is specifically targeting foreign buyers, according to a new TRAFFIC new market survey published today.

Slow Progress: A Reassessment of Japan’s Ivory Market in 2018

Report author(s):
Tomomi Kitade and Ryoko Nishino

Publication date:
September 2018


[1] Specifically under Resolution Conf. 10.10 (Rev. CoP17), which encourages “elephant range States and countries involved in trade in elephant specimens to seek the assistance of other governments and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in supporting the work to eliminate the illegal trade in ivory and the domestic ivory markets that contribute to illegal trade.”