Published 9 March 2011

Voices from the Amazon

Quito, Ecuador, 9th March 2011—TRAFFIC South America has produced 24 short videos on explaining critical issues concerning Ecuador’s Amazonian forests. 

The Voices for sustainable forestry Spanish-language videos form an educational series that can be viewed on the internet and are useful for community radio shows, in schools and for media use.

“Hearing and seeing an expert explain an issue can be a far more effective form of communication than reading a written technical document,” says TRAFFIC South America’s Ana Puyol, co-ordinator of the programme. 

“The videos make it easy to gain access to the best information available.”

Although the lectures are focused on Ecuador, many of the topics and challenges facing forestry communities are shared with other countries in the region.

“These common problems are regional. Many of the challenges we experience in Ecuador are the same in other countries where the Amazonian forest is under threat.” 

Topics covered range from explaining forest ecosystems, the dilemmas faced by indigenous communities, forest laws and most importantly forest governance. 

Puyol hopes the videos may one day become part of the national teacher-training curriculum and is also at work making short online courses aimed at giving the media sound background information on forestry issues.