Wildlife Trade Specialists

Participants at the 2018 TRAFFIC Programme Partnership meeting in Bangkok

Participants at the 2018 TRAFFIC Programme Partnership meeting in Bangkok


our diverse and skilled global team

TRAFFIC has over 130 staff working on five continents towards the shared goal of reducing the pressure of unsustainable trade on natural biodiversity.

Our team includes experts from a plethora of backgrounds. Whether biologists, conservationists, academics, researchers, communicators or investigators, we all work to ensure TRAFFIC's essential work brings about lasting change where it is most needed.

Steven Broad, Executive Director

Our rapidly expanding global team helps us alert the world to the latest wildlife trade topics, threats, and solutions

Steven Broad, Executive Director

some key personnel

TRAFFIC employs over 130 members of staff across the world, all of whom make invaluable contributions to what we do. Below is a selection of some key personnel.

Senior Leadership Team

Steven Broad
Marcus Phipps
Crawford Allan
Thomasina Oldfield
Emma Cooper
James Compton
Roland Melisch
Caroline Knightley
Nick Ahlers

Programme Office Directors

Denis Mahonghol
Julie Thomson
David Newton
Xu Ling
Katalin Kecse-Nagy
Dr. Saket Badola
Tomomi Kitade
Kanitha Krishnasamy
Sarah Ferguson

Senior Global Experts and Managers

Gayle Burgess
Glenn Sant
Teresa Mulliken
Chen Hin Keong
Anastasiya Timoshyna
Melissa Matthews
Sabri Zain
Michelle Owen
Camilla Floros


Now you know who we are, explore our careers page for current opportunities to join our global team working towards sustainable wildlife trade.

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