Anastasiya Timoshyna Director of Strategy, Programme, and Impact, at CITES CoP19

Strengthening Global Policy

Anastasiya Timoshyna Director of Strategy, Programme, and Impact, at CITES CoP19


Strengthening Global Policy Frameworks

Multilateral environment, trade, finance, crime, health, and human rights agreements underpin national policies

We engage with stakeholders of key inter-governmental agreements at the global and regional levels and provide essential research data, and analysis on global supply chains and markets for wild species, including early-warning and horizon scanning on emerging trade issues.

How we help Parties make informed decisions and find common solutions

CITES. Alongside our ongoing trade and data analysis, we also build capacity for effective implementation by Parties, enhance effectiveness of CITES processes, and strengthen tools such as non-detriment finding guidance.

CBD. We catalyse collective action and effective monitoring for Targets 5 and 9 in the Global Biodiversity Framework, as well as support the critical tools for implementation of other targets relevant to trade in wild species.

One Health Approach. We promote One Health in international processes lid by WHO, FAO, WOAH, UNEP and others and help ensure a balanced integration of the benefits and risks of wild species trade in the management of supply chains.

Nature-based solutions in the climate change agenda. We help incorporate the role and impacts of trade in wild species, including the links of illegal trade to deforestation and sustainable trade to the climate crisis.

Deepening our collaboration with international and regional law enforcement, financial and money-laundering agencies, and anti-corruption organisations, to link wild species crime into the broader framework of financial and environmental crimes.

Strengthening our collaboration with key regional economic and political organisations with the focus on improving the management of trade in wild species.