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Tiger skull and bones © / Vivek Menon / WWF

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Tiger skull and bones © / Vivek Menon / WWF


a contentious topic for conservation

Few topics stir up as much emotion as the debate surrounding trophy hunting, making a practical conversation about trophy hunting often challengng. 

The realities behind sustainable wildlife management and providing alternative livelihoods are rather more complex than choosing a side based on personal morality. Wildlife conservation has benefitted from sustainable trophy hunting in the past, and until alternatives are practically viable, is likely to continue to do so in the future. It is essential therefore, to ensure that any trophy hunting operation is conducted legally, ethically, and sustainably, and that it does not impact on wild populations.

1.26 million

trophies were imported into the US between 2005–2014

Sustainable wildlife management and the provision of alternative livelihoods is essential to lasting, positive conservation action