An ivory carving of Guanyin in China © Anne Peterson / CC Generic 2.0

Wildlife trade in China 2007

An ivory carving of Guanyin in China © Anne Peterson / CC Generic 2.0


Published 12 November 2008


State of wildlife trade in China finds consumption rising in 2007

Beijing, China, 12 November 2008—China’s traditional medicine trade is rapidly growing; China’s consumption of wildlife is rising; China’s illegal ivory trade is declining; China is the world’s second largest wood importer; whilst China’s trade in freshwater turtles is thriving. These are a few of the key findings of a review of wildlife trade in China in 2007, released today by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. 

The State of Wildlife Trade in China 2007

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November 2008


The bilingual report, in English and Chinese, is the second in an annual series on emerging trends in China’s wildlife trade, and provides up-to-date reviews of work being carried out to prevent illegal and support sustainable trade in China. 

Other issues examined in the report include the illegal trade in musk, the link between the sea cucumber trade to Taiwan with marine biodiversity in the Galapagos, and links between Russian salmon fisheries and Chinese Markets.