Reflecting on 2021 A message from Rick Scobey

Published 21 December 2021

A message from Rick Scobey

Executive Director reflects on the past year and priorities for 2022

TRAFFIC's Executive Director Rick Scobey reflects on all TRAFFIC has achieved in 2021, thanking partners, donors and the TRAFFIC team for its commitment and strong collaboration in focusing on wildlife trade issues. Despite the challenges faced by conducting some of our work under pandemic restrictions, we are proud of what has been accomplished this year.

Listen to Rick's message of hope and ambition for 2022: 

Throughout 2021, TRAFFIC has: 

  • Helped reduce illegal and unsustainable trade in key supply chains 
  • Helped meet the needs of local communities around the world through sustainable use of wild species 
  • Supported strong implementation of international agreements and multilateral partnerships to combat illegal wildlife trade

However, as Rick notes, there is more work to be done, so as we look towards what 2022 has in store, TRAFFIC will: 

  • Support the development of a strong post-2020 global biodiversity framework 
  • provide critical analysis on wildlife trade for CITES and other partners 
  • Continue to support the effort of government partners and local communities to end illegal wildlife trade and ensure sustainable use of wild species. 

We look forward to working evermore closely with our partners and donors on this critical, global issue.