Published 25 January 2022

  Tiếng Việt 

Collective Voices: Say No To Tiger Bone Glue In The Year Of The Tiger

Hanoi, Vietnam, 25th January 2022 –  Leader of Vietnam's Central Committee for Propaganda and Education (CCPE), the British Ambassador to Vietnam, the USAID Vietnam Mission Director, Director of Viet Nam CITES Management Authority, and a prestige doctor from Viet Duc Hospital send an inspiring message to Vietnamese on stopping the trading, gifting, and consuming of tigers products in greeting the Year of the Tiger.

During Lunar New Year, people present gifts to their relatives, friends, and partners as a token of appreciation and good luck. Among various types of presents, some consider tiger products as luxury gifts that will impress their friends and family.

On this occasion of the New Year of the Tiger, let’s get the message out there to your family and friends that it’s not okay to use tiger bone glue and tiger products or any other illegal wildlife products. Report those who illegally trade in these products and encourage your family and friends to find alternative methods/medicine instead of tiger products. Let’s stop this trade; all of you have a voice and can affect change. You can make a real difference."

Mr Gareth Ward - British Ambassador to Vietnam

The video highlights the worldwide endangered status of wild tigers and reinforces that only an estimated five wild tigers still roam in Vietnam. The speakers share the screen to emphasise the importance of a collective effort. Society needs to reduce the demand for products from tigers and other endangered species, encouraging people to find alternative products, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and consult doctors for scientifically proven medication.

“We highly appreciate the strong commitment of multi-stakeholders in tackling wildlife crime. Reducing consumption demand for tiger products is crucial to stop the illegal trade and sustain the population of this majestic species that is dwindling everywhere, including in Vietnam,” said Trinh Nguyen, TRAFFIC Director of the Vietnam Office.

The video is part of a three-year social marketing programme aiming to reduce demand for tiger products in Vietnam, funded by the UK government through the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund. The video will be promoted via official communication channels of TRAFFIC, the British Embassy in Vietnam, USAID in Vietnam, and the project's strategic partners.

Share the message further to eliminate demand, promote a healthy lifestyle and use safe, effective, sustainable and legal alternatives!