STOP THE SACRIFICE stand up for owls

poached and peddled for black magic

Each year thousands of owls and owlets are sacrificed to mark Diwali celebrations in India.

Owlets are taken from the wild and peddled for parts used in black magic rituals to ward off evil spirits. You can take a stand against the sacrifice and fight back for owls poached from the wild.

Your donation to TRAFFIC would help support our efforts to curtail illegal and unsustainable trade practices — and brighten the future for species such as owls.

stand up for owls, help stop poachers in their tracks

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of owls are sacrificed every year in India to mark Diwali celebrations

black magic

their bones, skulls, talons, feathers, meat, and blood are touted as curing illnesses or warding off spirits

farmer's friends

owls are essential to ecosystems, not least helping farmers by preying on rodents and other crop pests

stop the sacrifice

Owls with ears or "tufts" are thought to possess the greatest magical powers, meaning some of the most iconic species are the ones targeted by poachers.

Of the 30 owl species in India, we have found 15 in regular illegal trade. Documenting poaching and illegal trade is essential in fighting back for owls and owlets.

help us stop the sacrifice and stand up to poachers

Owls are displayed in India ready for sale to customers © Abrar Ahmed