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The Trade of Elephants and Elephant Products in Myanmar

Published: 6 August 2002

This report was produced as a component activity under the WWF initiative known as the Asian Rhino and Elephant Action Strategies (AREAS), to better understand the trade dynamics in Asian Elephants, ivory and elephant derivatives in Myanmar.

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An Assessment of China's Management of Trade in Elephants and Elephant Products

Published: 30 July 2002

The serious decline of elephants in many Asian and African range countries due to demand for ivory throughout the 1970s and 1980s, particularly in East Asia, resulted in the adoption of various international measures to reduce the threats to elephants.

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An Assessment of the Illegal Trade in Elephants and Elephant Products in Viet Nam

Published: 1 July 2002

(July 2002) 29pp. ISBN 1 85850 194 6 (ISBN 978 1 85850 194 9). Prepared by: The Viet Nam Ecological Association, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia-Indochina office, Forest Protection Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. TRAFFIC Online Report Series No.2.

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Response to Questions Posed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds regarding the international trade in wild birds

Published: 12 June 2002

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CITES Identification Guide Butterflies (Chinese edition)

Published: 10 June 2002

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CITES Appendix III Implementation for Big-leafed Mahogany

Published: 1 May 2002

(May 2002). 52pp. ISBN 1 85850 192 X (ISBN 978 1 85850 192 5). Prepared by: TRAFFIC International. TRAFFIC Online Report Series No.1

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In the Black: Status, Management, and Trade Of the American Black Bear

Published: 27 April 2002

This report summarises and analyses information collected through the 1996 Black Bear Questionnaire, which was sent to state, provincial, and territorial wildlife management agencies in July 1997.

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Uncharted Waters: Implementation Issues and Potential Benefits of Listing Toothfish in Appendix II of CITES

Published: 1 April 2002

Anna Willock. (April 2002). 36pp. ISBN 1 85850 191 1 (ISBN 978 1 85850 191 8). Published by: TRAFFIC International, TRAFFIC Oceania.

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Musk Market Survey Report

Published: 30 March 2002

Endangered Species Scientific Commission of the People's Republic of China. Beijing

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Making a Killing or Making a Living? Wildlife trade, trade controls and rural livelihoods

Published: 1 March 2002

Biodiversity and Livelihoods Issue No.6. Dilys Roe, Teresa Mulliken, Simon Milledge, Josephine Mremi, Simon Mosha, Maryanne Grieg-Gran. (March 2002). 114pp. ISBN 1 84369 215 5 (ISBN 978 1 84369 215 7). Published by: IIED, TRAFFIC International. Copies of this report are available from: Earthprint, email:

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