补充出版物 2007年前的报告、物种概况、重要时事通讯和其他的资料



Prickly Trade: Trade and Conservation of Chihuahuan Desert Cacti

Published: 1 January 2003

Edited by: Christopher S. Robbins. (January 2003). 65pp. Full report (English)

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Trade in Wildlife: Regulation for Conservation

Published: 1 December 2002

Edited By: Sara Oldfield. (December 2002). Provides a critical assessment of how the trade in wildlife is currently regulated and how those regulations are enforced. Identifies weaknesses in the system by analysing case studies and comparing wildlife trade with trade in other illegal goods. Suggests future improvements to ensure that conservation efforts are supported by trade regulations, and not undermined.

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La Pesca y el Comercio de Bacalao de Profundidad Dissostichus eleginoides en América del sur: una Perspectiva Regional

Published: 1 December 2002

(Fisheries Activities and Trade of Patagonian Toothfish in South America: A Regional Perspective) (English summary & full Spanish report, 2.2 MB) Edited by: Ana Sancho Andrade, Bernardo Ortiz-von Halle, Nicolas Cuvi. (December 2002). 178pp. ISBN 9978 42 721 X (ISBN 978 9978 42 721 7).

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The World's Unregulated Domestic Ivory markets

Published: 22 October 2002

A TRAFFIC Briefing Document.

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Conservation of Tigers and Other Asian Big Cats

Published: 11 October 2002

A CITES priority. TRAFFIC and WWF briefing document.

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Initial Assessment of Sustainability of the Live Bird Trade in Tanzania: Vulnerable Species

Published: 17 September 2002

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Japan’s Trade in Ivory after the Tenth Conference of the Parties to CITES

Published: 8 September 2002

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Management and Trade of Whale Sharks in Taiwan

Published: 1 September 2002

Vincent Y. Chen, Marcus J. Phipps. (September 2002). 25pp. ISBN 957986282 6 (ISBN 978 957986282 0). Published by: TRAFFIC East Asia - Taipei.

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Publicity Initiative for Wildlife Trade Controls in the EU – Targeting Stakeholders

Published: 1 September 2002

Edited by: Karin Berkhoudt. (September 2002). 163pp. A study conducted by TRAFFIC, covering the period from 1990 to 1994, provided information on the characteristics of the EU market for CITES-listed plant and animal species. The EU was the world’s largest importer of live parrots, importing 1,823,140 specimens during this period (44% of the global trade). Published by: TRAFFIC Europe.

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An Investigation of the Ivory Market in Taiwan

Published: 20 August 2002

In order to better to understand the state of Taiwan’s ivory market, TRAFFIC undertook a series of market surveys in 1999. During the investigation, a total of 22 curio/souvenir shops, 17 seal-carving shops, and six stalls selling ivory at four jade markets were surveyed in three major cities (Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung) and in selected towns in Taipei County.

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