Published 23 April 2022

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Strengthening Vietnamese businesses to tackle wildlife crime

Ninh Binh, Vietnam, April 2022 – Illegal wildlife trade is known to be intertwined with money laundering, financial crime, drug trafficking, and human trafficking and therefore exposes companies to many risks. Today, TRAFFIC and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) delivered training for those helping the Vietnamese business community fight wildlife crime while strengthening the traceability and sustainability of the legal wildlife trade.

The workshop allowed trainers to share lessons learned on disseminating behavioural change messages and encourage other businesses to take action.

The growing pool of business trainers and their achievements prove the efficiency and impact gained when businesses are empowered to combat wildlife crime. TRAFFIC is committed to strengthening the socially responsible entrepreneurship spirit to eliminate the use of illegal wildlife products in any business activities.”

Trinh Nguyen, Director of the Vietnam Office at TRAFFIC

By attending the workshop, trainers gained critical information on wildlife trade trends and consumption trends in the context of COVID-19 and changes in relevant laws, policies, and CITES regulations.

“VCCI understands the significance of conducting corporate social responsibility towards biodiversity and wildlife species as a way to sustain the safer, greener, and healthier business environment,” said Dr Luong Minh Huan,  Director of Enterprise Development Foundation, VCCI.

Under TRAFFIC and VCCI’s joint partnership against wildlife crime, a group of competent wildlife-oriented business trainers was established. Since 2015, those trainers have successfully encouraged 10,000 business people via 350 training courses to put an end to the use of illegal wildlife products and inspired a further ten businesses and 15 leaders from different enterprises to become committed wildlife champions. 

“The exposure of behavioural change messaging to business leaders and businesses is of utmost importance to inspire the desire to take action against wildlife crime. I believe that the integrated-wildlife CSR policy is the advisable approach that a business can do to pay back to the community and the planet. In turn, they gain reputation, customer trust and a prosperous future for the next generation.” said Doan Thi Phuong Thuy, Founder and Director of King Craft Viet.

As Viet Nam is a pivotal transit and consumer country of wildlife products, thought leadership through behavioural change messages will encourage Vietnamese enterprises’ built-in capacity to tackle wildlife crime in their supply chains. In turn, this will create a business environment for a more transparent, sustainable and legal trade in wildlife and will further prevent biodiversity loss across the globe.

Vietnamese business leaders are encouraged to take a strong stance against the consumption of illegal and endangered species by establishing a responsible corporate culture, integrating wildlife protection into their company’s corporate social responsibility and leading their peers in the fight against wildlife crime. If leaders want to learn more about this topic, visit


This workshop also contributed to a three-year social marketing program aiming to reduce demand for tiger products in Vietnam, funded by the UK government through the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund.