Soldiers in Garamba National Park © Jeremy T. Lock

Wildlife trafficking in Garamba-Bili-Chinko

Soldiers in Garamba National Park © Jeremy T. Lock


Published 8 December 2017

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Wildlife Poaching and Trafficking Prevalent Across Central Africa’s Garamba-Bili-Chinko Landscape

Foreign armed groups, including the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the Janjaweed (a Sudanese militia), and other non-State militias, are the main perpetrators of wildlife poaching and trafficking across Central Africa’s Garamba-Bili-Chinko Landscape, a region that straddles the northwest border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the southwest border of the Central African Republic, according to a new TRAFFIC report.

Poaching and Wildlife trafficking in the Garamba-Bili-Chinko landscape

Report author(s):
Gervais Ondoua Ondoua, Eustache Beodo Moundjim, Jean Claude Mambo Marindo, Rémi Jiagho, Leonard Usongo, Liz Williamson

Publication date:
December 2017

“There is some great work happening on the ground throughout the region but more needs to be done to support these efforts and the local communities in the fight against the poaching that fuels corruption and destabilizes the region,” says Paulinus Ngeh, Director of the TRAFFIC Central Africa Regional Office.
Central African States have pledged commitments to address poaching and illegal wildlife trade under CITES[1], the African Union Common Wildlife Strategy, the Central African Forests Commission Convergence Plan, and other regional strategies, as well as under the United Nations fora on combatting corruption.
“Governments have made firm commitments to tackle the rampant poaching in the Garamba-Bili-Chinko Landscape; now they need the resources to follow-through on these pledges and bring peace and stability to this troubled part of the world,” said Ngeh.


[1] CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


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