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The US Elephant Ivory Market a new baseline

© / Andy Rouse / WWF


Published 26 July 2017


Trade study sets new baseline for monitoring US elephant ivory market

Washington DC, USA, 26th July 2017—A new trade study led by TRAFFIC, with support from World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), has established a baseline for the status of the US elephant ivory market around the time that a series of changes to federal regulations were imposed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Enacted on the 6th July 2016, these changes enforced a “near-total ban” on imports, exports, and domestic trade of African Elephant ivory.

The US Elephant Ivory Market: A New Baseline

Report author(s):
Rachel Kramer, Robin Sawyer, Sal Amato and Peter LaFontaine

Publication date:
July 2017


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