responsible consumption


Catalysing responsible consumption

Many daily-consumed products contain wild-sourced ingredients, including medicines, food, cosmetics, household goods and furniture. Some of these commodities and species come from legal and sustainable supply chains, while others are illegally sourced. 

Consumers can play a critical role in disrupting illegal and unsustainable trade and transforming industries by shifting demand towards wild products that are sustainably sourced and safe to human health, and to other suitable alternatives.

Championing behavioural change interventions

TRAFFIC is recognised as a global thought leader in championing social and behavioural change .  We are broadening our support for programmes that reduce the demand for consumption of threatened wild species products. 

We are engaging in new strategic partnerships with organisations and key businesses designed to develop and deliver appropriate  tools and approaches, messages and campaigns to target consumers with the most potential impact on wild species product sales. 

We seek to collaborate with a wider set of partners including e-commerce companies, faith-based organisations, and key industry associations related to traditional medicines, pet industry, consumer goods, and food supply. 

We research and document the impact of social and behavioural change approaches, facilitate a global Community of Practice, develop and disseminate good practice guidelines and toolkits, and provide advisory support to international financial institutions and intergovernmental processes.