Tokay Gecko Gekko gecko © TRAFFIC

Tokay Geckos trade in Southeast Asia

Tokay Gecko Gekko gecko © TRAFFIC


Published 11 April 2013


AIDS cure rumours short-lived: Tokay Geckos mainly traded for traditional medicine, finds new study

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 11th April 2013—A new TRAFFIC report finds that millions of Tokay Geckos are being harvested from the wild to supply the traditional medicine (TM) trade in East Asia. At the same time, the trade in Tokay Geckos for Novel Medicinal Claims (NMCs), including as a supposed cure for AIDS, has declined markedly.

The Trade in Tokay Geckos Gekko gecko in South-East Asia: With a case study on Novel Medicinal Claims in Peninsular Malaysia

Report author(s):
O. Caillabet

Publication date:
April 2013