Sumatran Serow products found for sale

From Seizures to ConvictionSerow Offences in Peninsular Malaysia

Sumatran Serow products found for sale


Published 19 December 2019


Poachers paying heftier price for killing serow

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 19th December 2019—Poachers in Malaysia are facing stiffer penalties for illegally hunting a secretive mountain goat-like animal that is in demand for its reputed power to fight everything from an itch to witchcraft. An analysis of legal action in 18 seizure incidents involving the Sumatran Serow Capricornis sumatraensis scrutinised penalties meted out by courts in Peninsular Malaysia from January 2013 to April 2019.

From Seizures to Conviction: Stronger Penalties for Serow Offences in Peninsular Malaysia

Report author(s):
Kanitha Krishnasamy, Or Oi Ching, Salman Saaban

Publication date:
December 2019