Published 31 March 2022


TRAFFIC launches its online Learning Centre

TRAFFIC has launched a new online "Learning Centre" to make our wildlife trade capacity-building and training resources freely available to all target stakeholders.

The Learning Centre collates learning materials and training resources supporting the implementation of sustainable wildlife trade policies, the effectiveness of addressing wildlife trafficking, and approaches to foster collaboration between the conservation community and the financial and private sectors.

TRAFFIC has over four decades of experience at the interface of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. With this knowledge, we produce a wealth of targeted material to support law enforcement, private sector actors, CITES authorities, behavioural change practitioners, and NGO partners in their daily operations working towards a sustainable, equitable and safe future for wildlife trade. The Learning Centre makes these materials easy to access and openly available to all those who need them.”

Richard Scobey, TRAFFIC’s Executive Director

Materials are categorised by target audiences from our conservation programme: transport, private, and financial sectors, behaviour change practitioners, governments agencies, international conventions, law enforcement, NGOs, and the general public.

TRAFFIC has also developed a platform to house our online courses, allowing users to navigate between modules, save their progress, evaluate their understanding, and receive completion certificates. All online courses, such as our recent “Introduction to Anti-corruption in Natural Resource Management” course, now use this platform and are featured in the Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre includes a diverse selection of additional resource types, including case studies and guidelines, videos, presentations, apps, and digital platforms. Examples include our suite of 3D replica shark fin scans to help the identification of protected shark fins in trade, TRAFFIC’s Wildlife Trade Portal that tracks global seizures of illegal wildlife products, and the ROUTES Partnership website which provides capacity building materials for the aviation sector.

Our Learning Centre will continue to expand as we develop learning materials across our global conservation projects. We encourage all those working on wildlife trade issues to visit the centre and explore materials that could help you in your daily efforts. Together, we can positively benefit biodiversity, economies and the planet.”

Marcus Cornthwaite, TRAFFIC’s Communications Manager


Materials containing sensitive information have been excluded from the centre.