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Reports available as PDFs can be downloaded here. To receive printed copies of these and other reports, please contact or TRAFFIC International, 219a Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge, CB3 ODL, UK. Tel: (44) 1223 277427 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (44) 1223 277427      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; Fax: (44) 1223 277237 stating clearly which report(s) you wish to receive and your postal address

NOTE: there is a charge to cover postage costs for hard copies, and to cover photocopying for out of print reports.


Imperilled custodians of the night: A study on illegal trade and trapping of owls in India (PDF, 7.4 MB) Abrar Ahmed. (2010). TRAFFIC India / WWF India. 76pp. ISBN 978-1-85850-243-4. This report focuses on documenting what is known about owls in trade in India; the trapping methods used, utilization patterns and the tribes & communities that are involved.

The illegal trade in wild birds for food through South-east and Central Europe (600 KB). (November 2008) 6pp. Published by TRAFFIC Europe.

Commonly Traded South African Indigenous Birds (scanned PDF, 4 MB) Claire Patterson. (May 2001). 81pp. Published by: TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa - South Africa.

Fraudulence in Indian Live Bird Trade: An Identification Monograph for Control of Illegal Trade (Scanned PDF, 3.2 MB) Abrar Ahmed. (September 1999). 24pp.

The Impact of Nest Collection on the Edible-nest Swiftlet Collocalia fuciphaga in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Scanned PDF, 3 MB) R. Sankaran (1998). 41pp. TRAFFIC India report published in collaboration with R. Sankaran.  

Live Bird Trade in Northern India (Scanned full report - warning 24 MB) Abrar Ahmed (September 1997). 104pp.

Trade in CITES-Listed Birds to and from New Zealand (scanned PDF, 3.5 MB) Edited by: J. Holden (April 1997). 30pp. ISBN 0 95870 081 8 (ISBN 978 0 95870 081 8)

CITES Identification Guide – Birds  Chinese edition, PDF, 13.5 MB) Translated by: Vincent Y. Chen. (First edition: June 1996. Second edition: October 1997).

Parrot Smuggling Across the Texas-Mexico Border (PDF, 1.6 MB) José Goggi, Debra Rose, Gina De Ferrari, Leonora Sheeline. (June 1996). 31pp.

Impact assessment of nest collection on the Edible-nest Swiftlet in the Nicobar Islands (Scanned PDF, 1.5 MB) R. Sankaran. (1995). 26pp.

South Africa's Trade in African Grey Parrots (scanned PDF, 1.5 MB) Teresa A. Mulliken. (April 1995). 30pp. ISBN 0 95840 251 5. (ISBN 978 0 95840 251 4).

International trade in swiftlet nests with special reference to Hong Kong (Scanned PDF, 1.5 MB) Amy S.M. Lau, David S. Melville. (April 1994). 35pp. ISBN 1 85850 030 3 (ISBN 978 1 85850 030 0). A marked decline in some swiftlet populations has been attributed to the harvesting of their nests which are prized in Chinese cuisine and traditional medicines. Documentation is provided on the history and volume of the trade.

Sold for a Song. The Trade in Southeast Asian Non_CITES Birds (Scanned PDF, 3.5 MB) Stephen V. Nash. (January 1994). 84pp. ISBN 1 85850 0222 (ISBN 978 1 85850 0225). This report presents the findings of a two_year study, showing that trade is widespread in rare; little_known species; and those fully protected under national legislation.

Status and Management of Psittacines in Northeastern Honduras David A. Wiedenfeld Ph.D. (January 1993). (Revised 31 December 1993). A report in collaboration with the CITES Secretariat and Corporación Hondureño de Desarrollo Forestal, COHDEFOR.

Perceptions, Conservation and Management of Wild Birds in Trade (Scanned PDF, 10.6 MB) Edited by: Jorgen B. Thomse, Stephen R. Edwards, Teresa A. Mulliken. (January 1992). 165pp. ISBN 0 947613 552 (ISBN 978 0 947613 556). An overview of the global trade and the commerce within the key exporting countries: Argentina, Guyana, Indonesia, Senegal and Tanzania.

1991 Psittacine Captive Breeding Survey: A Survey of Private Aviculture in the United States (July 1992). 70pp.

1990 Psittacine Captive Breeding Survey: A Survey of Private Aviculture in the United States (scanned PDF, 3.6 MB) Catherine M. Allen & Kurt A. Johnson (July 1991). 44pp.

Parrots in the Netherlands: Trade and Breeding Arnold van Kreveld. (1990). 78pp.

Neotropical Psittacines in Trade (April 1990). 25pp.

Exportaciones de Psittaciformes de la República Argentina (AÑO 1987) (Export of Psittaciformes from the Republic of Argentina) Adrián Azpiroz, Juan S. Villalba-Macías. (August 1989). 21pp. (Spanish edition).

Psittacine Imports In The Netherlands 1982-1984. Report no.3 (scanned PDF, 2 MB) Dr. Minouk van der Plas-Haarsma, Dr. M. van den Berg. (1986). 52 pp.

Evaluation of the Psittacine Importation Process in the United States Alexandra M. Dixon. (April 1986). 41pp.

The Japanese Psittacine Trade. 1981-1982 Emily Roet, Tom Milliken. (July 1985). 119pp. Published by: TRAFFIC East Asia – Japan.