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TRAFFIC Bulletin

TRAFFIC Bulletin is the only journal devoted exclusively to wildlife trade issues. It provides news on the trade in wildlife resources, the latest in related legislation, investigations and seizures, and original reports.

If you are considering submitting a paper to the journal, please consult the Guidelines for authors (PDF, 30 KB) and contact the editor for further guidance.

If you would like to receive the TRAFFIC Bulletin, please complete the online form of download this form (Word .doc, 525 KB) and email it to or post to TRAFFIC International, 219a Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge, CB3 ODL, UK. Tel: +(44) 1223 277427 +(44) 1223 277427; Fax: (44) 1223 277237


A compilation of seizures and prosecutions reported in the TRAFFIC Bulletin is also available from the Media reports page

  • Iran's trade in orchid tubers
  • CITES and regional economic integration
  • Widlife markets in Morocco
  • Bali's trade in wildlife
  • Tiger trade online
  • Sun Bears in Malaysia

Vol. 25, No.2 (October 2013) (2 MB)

  • CITES CoP 16
  • Green Iguanas
  • Demand reduction for Ivory in Singapore 

Vol. 25, No.1 (April 2013)
(1.8 MB)

  • Eels
  • Nigeria's ivory trade
  • Caviar

Vol. 24, No.2 (October 2012)
(1.9 MB)

  • Sea cucumber trade in Hong Kong and China
  • Impact of trade on Myanmar's wildlife
  • African pangolins in Asia

Vol.24, No.1 (April 2012)
(3.3 MB)

  • Harvesting Chinese caterpillar fungus and Schissandra plants
  • Trade in Sugar Gliders
  • Chimpanzees on sale in Guinea-Bissau

Vol.23, No.3 (October 2011)
(3.5 MB)

South-East Asia Focus:

  • Belum-Temengor forest complex, Malaysia
  • Tokay Geckos
  • Birds-of-Paradise

Vol.23, No.2 (April 2011)
(750 KB)

  • Developments in eel conservation
  • Sustainable use of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • International year of forests

Vol.23, No.1 (December 2010)
(1.5 MB)

  • Trade in South African Abalone
  • The poaching of Malayan Sun Bears
  • Report of 15th CITES meeting

Vol.22, No.3 (April 2010)
(2.8 MB)

  • Application of food balance sheets to assess the scale of the bushmeat trade in Central Africa 
  • Dried or fried: amphibians in local and regional food markets in West Africa
  • The status of the retail ivory trade in Addis Ababa in 2009

Vol.22, No.2 (June 2009)
(2.5 MB)

  • Hawksbill Turtle trade in Papua New Guinea
  • Ivory in Thailand and Viet Nam

Vol.22, No.1 (November 2008)
(1.4 MB)

  • Mexico's trade in Echinoderms
  • Bird hunting for food in the EU
  • Wildlife as pets in the UAE

Vol.21, No.3. (January 2008)
(1.2 MB)

  • Morocco's trade in Barbary Macaques
  • Report of 14th CITES meeting
  • "Introduction from the sea"

Vol.21, No.2 (August 2007)
(2.3 MB)

  • South Africa's Demersal Shark Meat Harvest
  • World Without Borders: Wildlife Trade on the Chinese-language Internet
  • An Assessment of Wildlife Trade at Mong La Market on the Myanmar-China Border

Vol.21, No.1 (July 2006)
(1.6 MB)

  • Abalone trade in Hong Kong
  • Sustainable use of non-wood forest products
  • Indonesia's exports of frogs' legs
  • International standard for sustainable collection of medicinal plants

Vol.20, No.3 (December 2005) (3.3 MB)

  • Ethiopia's efforts to close illegal ivory markets
  • Devil's Claw trade in South Africa
  • Europe's seizures of emerald monitors

Vol.20, No.2 (February 2005)
(1.7 MB)

  • Market trends for American Ginseng
  • Results of 13th CITES meeting
  • South Africa's abalone fishing industry

Vol.20, No.1 (July 2004)
(1.7 MB)

  • CITES in Greenland
  • Reptile trade in southern Viet Nam
  • Ivory carving in Myanmar, Thailand and Viet Nam
  • CITES proposals for CoP13
  • EU Enlargement

Vol.19, No.3 (October 2003)
(3.3 MB)

  • The 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES
  • Trade in pipehorses Solegnathus spp. for traditional medicine in Hong Kong
  • Eco-labelling as a conservation tool for American Ginseng
  • Stemming Russia’s Wild Flower Trade

Vol.19, No.2 (November 2002)
(10.6 MB)

  • Giant clams: Their status and trade in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Eels: Their harvest and trade in Europe and Asia

Vol.19, No.1 (November 2001)
(4.4 MB)

  • Patagonian Toothfish: Are conservation and trade measures working?
  • The status of sturgeon resources in Russia

Vol.18, No.3 (December 2000)
(1.5 MB)

  • The eleventh meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES
  • Homalopsine watersnakes: The harvest and trade from Tonle Sap, Cambodia 

Vol.18, No.2 (April 2000)
(4.2 MB)

  • CITES Appendices ammendment proposals
  • Implementing CITES for Himalayan medicinal plants Nardostachys grandiflora and Picrorhiza kurrooa
  • The Xining Declaration

Vol.18, No.1 (September 1999)
(3.8 MB)

  • South Africa's woodcarving industry
  • Wildlife trade in Yunnan Province, China, at the border with Viet Nam
  • Pilot study of the traditional medicine trade in Nigeria
  • Bolivia's trade in Hairy Armadillos 

Vol.17, No.3 (January 1999)
(2.2 MB)

  • Evolution of Exploitation in the Galapagos Islands: Ecuador's Sea Cucumber Trade.
  • Amazon Tree Boas to Zululand Dwarf Chameleons: The US Role in the International Live Reptile Trade

Vol.17, No.2 (June 1998)
(12 MB)

  • An Overview of the Exploitation, Trade and Management of Corals in Indonesia
  • Examination of the US Pitcher-plant Trade with a focus on the White-topped Pitcher-plant
  • A Preliminary Report on DNA Sequence Analysis of Whale Meat and Whale Meat Products Collected in Japan

  • Report of the Tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES
  • Trade in Plant Material for Medicinal and other Purposes – a German Case Study
  • Wildlife Products for Sale in Myanmar
  • India’s Illegal Falconry Trade
  • Preliminary Report on Taiwan’s Whale Shark Fishery
  • The Status of Ivory Stocks in Africa, 1990-1996
  • New Information on east Asia’s Market for Bear Gall Bladders
  • Strategies for Regulating Medicinal Use of Protected Animals in Taiwan
  • US Medicinal Plant Trade Studies
  • A Review of the Wild Animal Trade in Cambodia
  • The Utilization of Seashells in the Philippines
  • Recent Trade in Steller's Sea-Eagles from Russia
  • A Survey of Wildlife Trade in Guangxi and Guangdong, China
  • Status of the Queen Conch Fishery in the Caribbean
  • The Trade in Tortoise-derived Souvenir Products in Morocco
  • Observations on the Whale Meat Trade in East Asia
  • Notes on Freshwater Turtle Exploitation, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Application of the CITES-listing Criteria to Plants
  • Trade in Seahorses for Traditional Chinese Medicines, Aquarium Fishes and Curios
  • The International Trade in Rainsticks
  • CITES 9th Meeting: Results and Resolutions
  • Exploitation of Hawksbill Turtles in Vietnam
  • Implementation of Tanzania’s New Policy on Trade in Live Birds
  • Agarwood Harvesting in Vietnam
  • India’s Illegal Trade in Alexandrine Parakeets
  • Babirusa Skulls on Sale in South Sulawesi
  • Recent Information on the Status and Utilization of African Pangolins
  • Analysis of the Market for Tigers, Bears and Musk Deer in the Russian Far East
  • Imports of Wild-collected Plants to the European Union
  • Observations on the Impact of Bird Trade Regulations on Bird Populations in Taiwan
  • EU Orchid Trade Warrants Closer Inspection
  • Recent Trends in International Trade of Hippopotamus Ivory
  • A Validation of Draft CITES Criteria Against Selected Plant Taxa
  • Recent Data on Trade in Rhino and Tiger Products, 1988-1992
  • Observations of Wildlife Trade in Mergui Tavoy District, Kawthoolei
  • The Importance of Sport-hunted African Elephants to CAMPFIRE in Zimbabwe.
  • Furs in Kathmandu, Reprise
  • Further Parrot Trade Records for Irian Jaya, Indonesia
  • Rhino Horn in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Study on Bear Gall Bladders for Sale in Hong Kong
  • Utilisation of Wildlife in Bakossiland, West Cameroon With Particular Reference to Primates
  • A Spot Check on the Availability of Rhino Products in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China
  • The Trade in Hill Mynas in India
  • Domestic and International Trade in Narwhal Products
  • A Report of the 45th Annual Meeting of the IWC
  • International Trade in Aloes
  • Shahtoosh – King of Wool
  • Concern About Trade in Red-and-Blue Lories
  • The Recent Trade in Philippine Corals
  • Tiger Bone in Taipei
  • The Export of Reptiles and Amphibians from Madagascar
  • The Genus Trillium in Trade
  • 44th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission
  • Observations on Wildlife Trade in Viet Nam
  • The Venus Flytrap Trade in North and South Carolina, USA
  • The Trade and Uses of Wildlife Products in Laos
  • Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Conservation in South Africa
  • The UK Trade in Tillandsia
  • Parrot Trade Records for Irian Jaya, Indonesia
  • Collection and Export of Australian Insects
  • A Review of the Tasmanian Brushtail Possum Industry
  • Australian Imports of Australian Slipper Orchids
  • Exploitation of the Short-tailed Shearwater in Tasmania
  • Trade in Wild-collected Slipper Orchids in Japan
  • Rhino Horn Trade Controls in East Asia
  • Recent Changes in World Ivory
  • Trade and Captive-Breeding of Asian Bontongues in Indonesia
  • CITES Conference in Switzerland
  • The International Trade in Bulbs
  • CITES Appendices Amendment Proposals
  • Utilization of Monitor Lizards in Pakistan
  • The Economic Value of Insects
  • A Strong Case for Hard Corals in CITES
  • China’s Ivory Carving Industry
  • The Trade in Parrots from Guyana
  • CITES Conference in Canada
  • The Psittacine Trade in Bordeaux
  • Recent Developments in the Rhino Horn Trade
  • International Trade in Skins of Latin American Spotted Cats
  • The Effect of Recent Legislative Changes on the Pattern of the World Trade in Raw Ivory
  • Hummingbird Trade and Protection
  • Exploiting the Musk Deer for its Musk
  • The Status of and Trade in the Medicinal Leech
  • Imports of Psittacines into the UK (1981-1984)
  • UK Trade in Tortoises
  • Ivory Control Loopholes Closing
  • The Australian Sea Snake Industry
  • The Trade in Pacific Fruit Bats
  • South Korea Stops Rhino Horn Imports
  • The International Trade in Frogs’ Legs
  • The Japanese Psittacine Trade (1981-1982)
  • The International Trade in Raptors
  • The Hare Trade in Argentina
  • International Trade in Asian Bonytongues
  • Japan’s Ivory Trade
  • The Western European Trade in Cacti and Other Succulents
  • CITES Conference in Argentina
  • International Trade in Raw Sea Turtle Shell
  • Amendments to Appendices I and II of CITES
  • Concerns Over Japanese Bear Trade
  • Stony Corals: a Case for CITES
  • South Africa’s Ivory Carving Industry
  • The European Trade in Kangaroo Products
  • Endangered Cacti Popular in Japan
  • Frilled Lizards in Japan

  • The Japanese Trade in Bonytongue and CITES-Listed Fish
  • World Trade in Monitor Lizard Skins 1977-1982
  • The European Trade in Seal Skins

  • International Trade in Elephant Ivory
  • The Peccary Skin Trade
  • South American Cats in Trade: The German Connection
  • Zimbabwe’s Ivory Carving Industry
  • The Volume of the World’s Trade in Rhino Horn
  • The Butterfly Trade: With Particular Reference to the Papilionidae
  • The Reptile Skin Trade in Bangladesh
  • World Trade in Tegu Skins
  • The Indian Bird Trade
  • Sierra Leone's chimps endangered by commercial exploitation

  • CITES Conference in Botswana
  • An Analysis of Psittacines Imported at Schiphol Airport during 1980 and 1981
  • The Hong Kong and Japanese Trade in Unworked Ivory 1979 – 1982
  • WCMC and IUCN
  • EEC Regulation on CITES Implementation
  • International trade in skins of Monitor and Tegu lizards 1975-1980

  • A Review of International Trade in Marine Mammals
  • Trade in wild birds from Thailand
  • Ghana lifts parrot export ban
  • Wildlife protection in Panama
  • The Exportation of Cage Birds from Senegal
  • Aspects of the Shell Trade in the Philippines

Vol.3, no.6
(2.6 MB)
  • The fur trade in Kashmir
  • Giant clams - a case for CITES listing
  • Mammals, reptiles, butterflies and fish protected in Indonesia
  • Herb exports from Bangladesh
  • Indian Trade in Reptile Skins
  • The Japanese Trade in Himalayan Musk
  • International Trade in Corals
  • Wildlife Shopping in Tokyo – 1981
  • CITES Meeting at New Delhi, India
  • Wildlife Legislation in Colombia
  • Trade in Mollusca and Leeches
  • Observations on the Wildlife Trade in Indonesia
  • Discrepancies in CITES Trade Statistics 1978 – Part 4: Australia
  • South Africa – An Entire Plant Kingdom Threatened with Extinction
  • Decline of Crocodiles in Africa
  • Sanctioned Exportation of Caiman Hides from Colombia
  • Report from Sierra Leone
  • The Trade in African Elephant Ivory in India
  • Excerpts from the Report on Trade in Fauna and Flora in Kenya for 1979
  • Implementation of the Convention in South America
  • Caviar scandal in the USSR
  • Lingering death of 7000 tortoises
  • South Africa to ban export of Sungazer
  • Wildlife v. farmers in Kenya
  • Special Report on Discrepancies in Published Data of Trade in Turtle Products
  • Survey of caribbean wildlife products
  • Current kangaroo quotas
  • Battle to save scimitar oryx of Africa
  • Fifty years ago in Africa
  • Turtle Conference Report
  • Turtles are tasty
  • Wild fur prices in Canada
  • Colombian calamities
  • Police swoop in Gambia
  • Micronesian fruit bat trade
  • Tiger Bone Wine
  • Indonesian Trade in Cockatoos
  • Fur News
  • Malaysian Primate Export Ban
  • Black Stinkwood in Malaysia
  • Summary of International Trade in the Skins of the Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)
  • CITES/BONN conference
  • Bengal tigerskin for sale
  • Smuggling in the US
  • CITES Conference in Costa Rica
  • Rhino Report
  • Frankfurt Fur Fair
  • Sponges
  • UK trade in wildlife
  • Trade in cacti
  • International trade in Harp and Hooded seals
  • The shell trade in Kenya