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Critical conference maintains global momentum to curb wildlife crime

Kasane, Botswana 25th March 2015—Heads of State, ministers and officials from 31 governments meeting today in Kasane reaffirmed their determination to scale up their response to the global poaching crisis, and adopted crucial new measures to help tackle the unprecedented surge in illegal wildlife trade.

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Southeast Asia in illegal ivory trade spotlight

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20th March 2015 – Ivory related news dominated headlines in Southeast Asia over recent days as authorities announced the arrest of major players, revealed seizure and prosecution figures and stopped at least one ivory consignment bound for the region.

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New report calls for better monitoring of international narwhal trade

Ottawa, Canada, 13th March 2015—A new study launched today by TRAFFIC and WWF finds that while there is no evidence that international trade is currently a threat to the conservation of narwhals, as climate change is likely to have a significant impact on narwhal populations, improved monitoring of trade levels is increasingly important.

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Leading courier companies in China say “no” to illegal wildlife trade

Beijing, China, 11th March, 2015—Representatives of 17 leading courier companies operating in China have made a public declaration pledging their zero tolerance towards illegal wildlife trade.

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Beihai clampdown leads to significant reduction in marine turtle trafficking

Beihai, Guangxi, China, 10th March 2015—Illegal trade in marine turtles in Beihai has fallen dramatically following a suit of measures including a concerted enforcement clampdown, finds monitoring of the city’s markets by TRAFFIC.

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