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TRAFFIC has more than 100 staff, based in offices on 5 continents



Staff attending the TRAFFIC Network meeting, Malaysia, October 2010

Some key personnel 


Steven Broad,
Executive Director


Marcus Phipps,
Director of Operations

Roland Melisch, Senior Director, Europe and Africa


James Compton,
Senior Director, Asia Pacific


Teresa Mulliken,
Director - Programme Development & Evaluation  

Crawford Allan,
Senior Director, Americas

Sabri Zain,
Director of Policy


Richard Thomas,
Global Communications Co-ordinator

Chen Hin Keong,
Timber Trade Programme Leader

Glenn Sant,
Fisheries Trade Programme Leader


Tom Milliken,
Elephant & Rhino Programme Co-ordinator

Stephanie von Meibom,
Regional Director, Europe

Yannick Kuehl Regional Director - East/South Asia

Anastasiya Timoshyna,
Medicinal Plant Programme Leader

Bernardo Ortiz,
Regional Director, South America

Chris Shepherd,
Regional Director, South-East Asia

David Newton,
Regional Director, East/Southern Africa

Paulinus Ngeh,
Regional Director, Central Africa

Fei Zhou Head, TRAFFIC in China


Thomasina Oldfield Science, Research & Analysis Coordinator

Caroline Knightley Human Resources Manager


Natalia Pervushina Tiger & Asian Big Cats Programme Co-ordinator

Shekhar Niraj,
Head of TRAFFIC in India


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