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TRAFFIC Newsletters

Reports available as PDFs can be downloaded here. To receive printed copies of these and other reports, please contact or TRAFFIC International, 219a Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge, CB3 ODL, UK. Tel: (44) 1223 277427; Fax: (44) 1223 277237 stating clearly which report(s) you wish to receive and your postal address

NOTE: there is a charge to cover postage costs for hard copies, and to cover photocopying for out of print reports.

TRAFFIC Dispatches (print version now discontinued: subscribe online to our weekly newsletter e-Dispatches)
Newsletter to inform the network's partners and supporters about our activities and accomplishments.

TRAFFIC Tiger Chronicles (From our India office)
Newsletter highlighting Tiger issues

(From our India office)
Newsletter highlighting burning issues related to illegal wildlife trade in India

The French language newsletter of TRAFFIC (print version now discontinued: subscribe to our regular round-up of media reports from the Central Africa region)


TRAFFIC Flash d'information
TRAFFIC  compile  une liste d’articles des médias sur  le trafic de la faune dans la région de l'Afrique francophone.
Pour vous abonner à ce flash d'information mensuel, prière de  contacter:

China Programme newsletter (now discontinued)
A review of current issues in China's trade in wildlife 

Asian Wildlife Trade Bulletin (now discontinued)
Bulletin on TRAFFIC's Wildlife Trade Initiative 

The TRAFFIC report (now discontinued)
A review of wildlife trade issues in the Americas 


CITES in Southeast Asia (now discontinued)
e-Bulletin on CITES-related issues, events and plans in South-east Asia