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securing the ocean's future

Sharks, rays and chimaeras–the chondrichthyan fish–have evolved over 400 million years. They make up one of the oldest remaining groups of vertebrate animals and one of just three classes of living fish. Today, as many as 1,250 ecologically and evolutionary diverse species of chondrichthyans inhabit the marine and fresh waters of our planet, with approximately one new species discovered each month.

The goal of the GSRI is that by 2025, the conservation status of the world’s sharks and rays has improved–declines have been halted, extinctions have been prevented, and commitments to their conservation have increased globally


of all shark and ray species are threatened

Glenn Sant, TRAFFIC's Programme Leader for Fisheries trade

The GSRI is working to halt the devastating overexploitation of shark and ray species. Our ocean's biodiversity cannot afford to continue such sustained losses

Glenn Sant, TRAFFIC's Programme Leader for Fisheries trade

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