Social and behavioural change Wildlife TRAPS


Based on a Situation Analysis of Social Behaviour Change (SBC) initiatives conducted on wildlife trade and disease risk reduction since the onset of COVID-19, TRAFFIC will be developing and piloting SBC messaging to shift human behaviour linked to trade and consumption of wild animals for meat, medicinal and live animals (including for pets, scientific research and display).

This work will also engage the existing SBC Community of Experts and examine the need to target not only end-consumers but also key actors and demographics at priority human-animal interfaces along the supply chain between source and end-use.

Situation Analysis

Covid-19, wildlife trade, and consumer engagement

The Situation Analysis focused on trade and use of wild mammals and wild birds as high-risk taxa for potential transmission of zoonotic diseases, and considered three primary use types: 1) Wild animal meat, 2) Wild animal-based medicines, and 3) Live wild animals kept as pets or used for scientific research or display.

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