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Trade in Exceptional Circumstances: An Analysis of Commerce in Appendix I Animal Species

Published: 1 January 1992

Karen Headley (1992)

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Sport Hunting as a Sustainable Use of Wildlife

Published: 1 January 1992

(1992) Stephen R. Edwards and Catherine M. Allen

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Fur Trade in Kathmandu: Implications for India

Published: 1 January 1992

Joanna Van Gruisen, Toby Sinclair. (1992). 23pp.

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Perceptions, Conservation and Management of Wild Birds in Trade

Published: 1 January 1992

(Scanned PDF, 10.6 MB) Edited by: Jorgen B. Thomse, Stephen R. Edwards, Teresa A. Mulliken. (January 1992). 165pp. ISBN 0 947613 552 (ISBN 978 0 947613 556). An overview of the global trade and the commerce within the key exporting countries: Argentina, Guyana, Indonesia, Senegal and Tanzania.

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Cultural Significance of Pacific Fruit Bats to the Chamorro People of Guam

Published: 16 July 1991

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1990 Psittacine Captive Breeding Survey: A Survey of Private Aviculture in the United States

Published: 1 July 1991

Published July 1991. (Scanned PDF, 3.6 MB) Catherine M. Allen & Kurt A. Johnson. 44pp.

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The Smuggling of Endangered Wildlife Across the Taiwan Strait

Published: 1 July 1991

(July 1991). 24pp. ISBN 0 947613 32 3 (ISBN 978 0 947613 32 7). Published by: TRAFFIC International & TRAFFIC North America. Species in Danger series. The result of an investigation to identify species illicitly traded across the Strait from mainland China to the island of Taiwan.

The Asian Trade in Bears and Bear Parts

Published: 21 January 1991

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Medicine from the Wild: An Overview of the U.S. Native Medicinal Plant Trade and its Conservation Implications

Published: 1 January 1991

Douglas O. Fuller. (1991). 28pp.

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A North American Free Trade Agreement: The Impacts on Wildlife Trade. Vols. I & II

Published: 1 January 1991

Debra A. Rose. (1991). 35pp. The Asian Trade in Bears and Bear Parts. Judy A. Mills Christopher Servheen 1991. 113pp. No PDF available: contact for more details